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As part of our service to our students, we give an inventory of their courses taken and the respective grades earned. Transcript is issued at the student's request. Thus, the student applies for transcript, providing the following: Full name(preferably name on Jamb Admission letter, if there is a change of name,  attach the evidence as well), College, Department/Course of Study, Matriculation number, Year of Graduation, a means of contact(contact no. or a functioning email address), the Recipient's address and Reference no(if need be).

These information can be received by us either by filling the request form or sending these to Note that for processing and postage of transcript, a fee would be charged. Official and Student's copy(unofficial) of transcript follows the same process. Unofficial transcript has its destination to be unrestricted.

Also, note that CUL sends official transcript to Educational Institutions. If the destination is not this,  please call  012910686, to be sure your request is accepted or for further inquiries.

** The time is base on UTC timezone