2022/2023 New Intake ICT Registration Procedure 7 19

Last updated on Mar 20, 2023 07:47:32 AM in ICT Issues
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For ICT registration, new intakes are expected to visit sap.calebuniversity.edu.ng and click on ict-onboarding to fill the ICT Onboarding form.  If the onboarding registration is done properly, an official Email ID specific to the student would be sent to his/her personal email address and other details required to continue with the ICT registration process are included in the email recieved. Also note that the email would be active within 8 -48 hours after registration. Included in the email received is a pdf file link that guides how to access the official mail on the microsoft office platform.

Once the student is able to access his/her account on the microsoft office platform, the student should now proceed to sap.calebuniversity.edu.ng/registration and fill the form accordingly. The student should then check his/her official email address for the confirmation of the email address (the email received is an email verification mail that requires an action "click here"). Upon confirmation of email address, the student is redirected to the SAP website for completion of the student biodata form..

After confirmation of the student's details on SAP, the student can then proceed to ums.calebuniversity.edu.ng and select student. Then login using his/her matric number as username and calebuniv as password. Finally, the student should proceed to register his/her courses with instructions from the student's department, using course registration link and select register to do course registration.



** The time is base on UTC timezone